Over the past 46 years at its tree-lined 82-acre campus in Morris County, the Rabbinical College of America has educated thousands of students from all over the world in the authentic  principles of the Torah based on teachings of Chabad-Lubavitch.

The college’s first location was single family home located in Newark, New Jersey when it was founded in 1956, with a student body of 10. The school moved from the Newark site in 1971 to the larger and more serene Morris County location, partly to make way for continued growth of the student body.

In 1983 the original 15 acres were increased to 81 with the purchase of an attractive 66-acre tract across the street from the main campus. The woody, secluded campus has garden apartments for married couples enrolled in classes, and expanded upon the original multi-story building.

The alumni work as Rabbis and teachers in Chabad’s are on six continents. Where they serve as community and spiritual leaders at Chabad Centers throughout the world, of which there are now 4,000.

The school currently has about 500 students, 200 of whom are in the K-8 school on the campus. The heart of the college’s education is directed towards 300 higher education students, from 14 countries and 24 states, travelling from throughout the United States and as far away as South Africa and Australia. On average 60 students are seeking training to be ordained as rabbis, while others are in programs that study the Talmud, or a range of topics like Jewish philosophy and history.

The College is now a hub and headquarters for over 64 Chabad community-service organizations, who are extensively involved in communal outreach throughout the State of New Jersey.