The faculty at Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim are rabbis chosen for their knowledge, their ability to teach and most importantly, for the ways in which they model, in their own lives, the Torah they seek to impart.

They are scholars and teachers, equally skilled in transmitting the depths of Chassidus (Jewish mysticism) or the basics of Hebrew.

They put the beginning student at ease, and quickly move class participants along a lively, intense path of learning. As the new student acquires a proficiency in Hebrew, our rabbis introduce him to even more profound levels of a Torah he is quickly coming to know.

For the more advanced student, our Rabbis are the key to deeper insight into Torah, Talmud, Chassidus, and Halacha.
For all our students, the Rabbis of our faculty are friends, guides and counsellors. They are there to help. Inspired by their students' curiosity, willingness to learn and desire to grow, our Rabbis bring the Torah to life for each participant. They can open the doors of knowledge, and relate the G‑d given wisdom of over thirty centuries to everyday life.