The Rabbinical College of America is part of the worldwide Chabad moveent, which boasts more than 4000 centers worldwide. One of Chabad’s principal institutions, the RCA sits on an eighty-acre campus in Morris Township, NJ, and houses educational facilities for students ranging from Early-Childhood through Graduate level.

In addition to its world-class educational structure, the RCA has spawned 64 satellite, Chabad Centers, serving communities throughout NJ’s length and breadth.

As one might expect from a Jewish movement, Chabad’s primary focus is on Jewish communal needs. At the same time, our over-arching goal is to brighten the world and help humanity, irrespective of particular religious affiliations. A quick internet search quickly shows how our locally-based graduates are on the front lines of disaster relief across the globe, providing vital support to anyone – and we mean ANYONE- in need.

The RCA is training the world’s spiritual leaders and inspiring them to fan out and make this a better world. We agree with our dedicated friend, Senator Joe Lieberman, who branded the RCA as the “West Point of Judaism.”


Licensed by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education in New Jersey and accredited by the Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools, the College grants a Bachelors of Talmudic Studies degree, a  Bachelors of Religious Education degree, and a Masters of Religious Education degree.