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Discover what Judaism means to you!

Find the answers to your innermost questions.
Prepare to live a Jewish lifestyle based on Torah
Acquire the foundations of learning necessary to continue, independently and for a lifetime, your exploration of Torah.     
A wealth of learning opportunities at Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim:

  • Full-time Yeshiva Studies Program.
  • Semester courses (university accredited).
  • Summer Learning Session – to accommodate those with time to learn during the summer vacation season.
  • Two-Week Intensive Course (also for university credit if desired) – specially arranged two or three times throughout the year to offer a real taste of Yeshiva life.
  • Shabbatons – specially designed for the weekend visits.
  • "Executive Learning Program" – a crash course where professionals and working men can get away and immerse themselves in intensive Jewish learning.
  • Personal learning programs can be arranged according to individual schedules.

For further information, please call Rabbi Boruch Hecht at (973) 668 3219 or visit our website at www.theworldsgreatestyeshiva.com



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