Lubavitch Student Organization

Social activism plays a major role in the Morristown curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of social consciousness and to implement the

Students are encouraged to develop a sense of social consciousness

moral and ethical lessons acquired in the study hall by imbuing estranged Jews with an awareness and appreciation of their heritage. These aims are achieved through the vehicle of a diverse community service program. This program includes the following:

  1. Weekly (Friday) visits to nearby hospitals and nursing homes to bring inspiration and good cheer to patients and staff.
  2. Wide-scale distribution of Jewish ritual items such as Mezuzos, candlesticks, charity boxes, and special holiday requirements such as Matzo for Pesach, Menoros for Chanukah and Mishloach Manos – gift packages for Purim.
  3. Special services:
  1. A community Sukkah in Morristown and a Sukkahmobile to bring the holiday spirit to distant communities.
  2. A Lag B'omer parade for school children.
  3. "Koshering" kitchens – preparing them for use in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.
  1. Jewish Heritage Concerts.
  2. The annual Jewish Renaissance Fair, featuring exhibits on Jewish topics.
  3. Adult Education Classes.
  4. Summer day camp for local children.
  5. Off campus programs for Jewish students at colleges and universities throughout the State so that they may develop a deeper understanding of Judaism as it applies to contemporary society.

These programs are run by the Student Organization, which is a self-governing body. Broad policies are set by faculty members who also participate, with their families, in many of the organization's activities.