Our alumni are now located on six continents, serving as rabbis, teachers and community leaders. In the words of Senator Joseph Lieberman (I. CT), “Morristown has become the West Point of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.” By establishing regional educational offices throughout the state, we can bring the College to local communities. There are currently 45 regional institutions in New Jersey. We bring Torah to the communities and, in return, we receive student referrals and increased local financial support.

The College’s widespread involvement in communal affairs gives students opportunities to develop skills in the areas of leadership and public relations. Further, they gain first-hand experience in the practical application of Torah concepts to real life. Due to the students’ efforts, mitzvah observance and awareness in schools, clubs, hospitals, summer camps, and business offices has increased profoundly. The fundamental mitzvos of Tefillin, Mezuzah, Kashruth and the celebration of Jewish holidays have all become a vital aspect in the lives of many previously uninformed and unaffiliated Jews.